How the Gambling World Embraced eSports

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Never has being good at playing video games been so profitable. Recent years have seen eSports grown in popularity and there are massive amounts of cash to be won. It’s not just the media that is giving eSports additional coverage, it’s now possible to bet on who wins.


USA Daily Chronicles tried to figure out why esports are becoming more and more popular among users.

It’s gambling as never seen before when betting on eSports, reported BBC News. Usually, It’s a case of betting on Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl or the Lakers to become NBA champions. Now, we can find ourselves placing bets on first blood and killing dragons as eSports becomes increasingly popular with betting sites.

How is it that bookies are now taking bets on eSports? There are several factors that have created this situation. If a bookie is to offer odds on a sport, there have to see that there is sufficient interest in the events. It’s not worth creating a market if there are few of their customers who will be wanting to place bets.

Gambling companies have kept a close eye on the rise of eSports. They have seen the increasing media coverage and the massive prize money that is available for some events.

There are more leagues than ever before and this has convinced sportsbooks to extend their coverage of eSports. After all, if an event is offering millions of dollars in prize money, surely there are plenty out there who will want to bet on that event.

Then came the pandemic and eSports became even more important. There were some problems for eSports but not at the level that other sports encountered. The International had to be moved away from Sweden and didn’t take place last year. That was more to do with the attitude towards eSports by the Swedish sports federation. It just shows that not everyone has embraced eSports yet.

Aside from that problem, eSports had few problems. With major soccer leagues being put on hold (the MLS lasted just a couple of games before suspension) and a lack of tennis tournaments, sport was badly hit last year.

That left bookies with massive gaps in their coverage. A bookie without sport isn’t a great deal of use is it? More attention was paid to minor soccer leagues, table tennis became popular. There was more focus placed on casino games as the sites looked to take advantage of those with time on their hands thanks to lockdowns.

Bookies increased their coverage of eSports and also offered live streaming of events.

That was an important move to make. Betting on sport is exciting (as long as you behave responsibly) but actually watching the event you’ve placed a bet on is even better.

Suddenly, there was the chance to go online, make a bet and watch the thrilling video games. Even better, in-play betting was available with the odds constantly changing as the event progressed. All a thrilling prospect when sports betting is possible in New York next year. For a glimpse at what lies ahead, a visit to is great reading.

The main sports are back now but that doesn’t mean eSports will see their coverage reduced. They seem to have established themselves as part of the betting family now. The belief is that eSports will continue to grow. That means more events and increased coverage on gambling sites. All good news for eSports and also for the sportsbooks.

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