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Syria Resilient: To War

October 10, 2016 kevin 0

By Lebanese American University, Special for USDR The rapid implosion of Syria’s social fabric and the near total collapse of its institutions raise many questions about the […]

Hispanics Optimistic About Economy

October 7, 2016 kevin 0

By Florida Atlantic University Business and Economic Polling Initiative, Special for USDR Hispanics in the United States are increasingly optimistic about the nation’s economy and their own […]

What Happen to Democracy?

October 7, 2016 kevin 0

By Jill Cody, Special for USDR In her eye-opening new book America Abandoned: The Secret Velvet Coup That Cost Us Our Democracy, author and political activist Jill […]

Republixan: Anti Trump Ad

October 5, 2016 kevin 0

By Yakety-Yak PAC, Special for USDR An anti-Trump Super PAC plans to air a 30-second TV ad called “Republixan” in selected battleground states. The ad was broadcast […]

Will Trump Succeed?

October 4, 2016 kevin 0

By Honorable Ron Price, Special for USDR As an independent African-American voter it’s time that the African-American communities have an honest conversation. The 2016 Presidential Election might be […]