People, Feelings, and Money

September 5, 2017 kevin 0

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business, recent syndicated column was on the connection between emotions and money.   Recently I interviewed Robert Kiyosaki, author […]

Service and Success

September 4, 2017 kevin 0

The publishing company Morgan James’ new release, “The Secrets of Business Mastery: Build Wealth, Freedom And Market Domination For Your Service Business in 12 Months or Less” […]

Bosses and Listening

September 2, 2017 kevin 0

A new boss needs to become a great listener to gain feedback, support and buy-in. That is the advice for new bosses and all leaders […]

NYC Home Prices Continue to Rise

August 29, 2017 kevin 0

Home sale prices across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens continued to rise this home shopping season, up 1.2 percent, 5.6 percent and 8.3 percent respectively since this time last year, according […]

Home Sales See a Decrease

August 27, 2017 kevin 0

Ten-X, the nation’s leading online real estate transaction marketplace, has released its latest Ten-X Residential Real Estate Nowcast which indicates a minor decrease in July […]

Changing Luxury Travel

August 25, 2017 kevin 0

As the world’s ideas of wealth and status change, travelers’ ideas of luxury are changing to match. High-end travelers increasingly choose subtle indulgence over flashy […]

One Last Summer Adventure

August 24, 2017 kevin 0

This three-day weekend may be the last chance for travelers to soak up the summer sun, but more importantly, it’s also the ideal time to […]